fredag 16. juni 2017

CSI Case File No. 232

Dersom du har bilde frå camping eller turar i skog og mark, vil dei passa perfekt til denne utfordringa hos CSI:-) 
Mi side handlar om bursdagsfeiring ute i ein lavvo. Sjølv om det var midt i februar, koste ungane seg utandørs, og jenta mi ville absolutt pynta seg med skjørt, og det utanpå regnbuksa:-)

Photos from camping and field trips are perfect for this CSI challenge. My page tells the story of birthday celebration outdoors by a lavvu. Even though this was in cold February, the kids enjoyed themselves running around playing and exploring the surroundings. My daughter of course wanted to dress up in a skirt (on top of her rain gear;-)

Evidence: wood background/accents, animals, trees and stitching
Testimony: Document something about the outdoors

onsdag 14. juni 2017


Av og til treng ein eit bursdagskort i ein fei. Vanlegvis lagar eg berre eitt om gongen, men for eit par veker sidan hadde eg plutseleg bruk for tre. Dei vart ganske like, men det er ok då bursdags"barna" bur i tre ulike land;-)
Folkevognbussen er av merket Sizzix, og kjem frå Livs synytt på Stord. Dei ferdigbretta korta med konvolutt i craft kjem også frå denne butikken. Kjempekjekke å ha på lur:-)

torsdag 1. juni 2017

CSI Case File No. 231: Superman

Sprelske fargar i denne månadens utfordring frå CSI:-) 

I solved this month´s major case by using the following evidence:
white background, stripes, animal, eyeglasses, googly eyes, speech bubbles and stars
The testimony chosen is "journal in a speech bubble" and inspiration word "super".

Visiting Hollywood quite a few years ago, we met lots of familiar characters by "the walk of fame". My son, five at the time, recognized some of them, but were quite reluctant to posing with "Superman", as he was certain this was not the right one:-D.

onsdag 10. mai 2017

CSI Case File No 229: Holiday by the beach

Due to my daughter´s confirmation this month, I´m a bit late posting this challenge, but here it is:

Just loved these colours. Perfect for documenting a day on the beach.
Testimony: Journal about summer
Evidence: stripes, lemon, clouds, sun, plane, arrow, puffy stickers, word phrases

lørdag 15. april 2017

CSI Case File No. 228

Here comes CSI Case File No. 228. Great palette, and fun to solve.

Did your know CSI was looking for new members for their design team? If you are interested, take a look here. It´s such fun creating layouts based on these exciting case files, and the team members are so talented, creative and supportive.

Here is my take on the second case file of April.

Evidence: chevrons, branches/flowers, silver metal, jars, puffy stickers
Testimony: journal about your husband and inspiration words home and comfort

This page is about the many times our daughter woke up in the evening smelling her dad´s late night cooking. She used to get up, tip-toeing into the living room nicely asking for a bite. She never got a no from my husband. He loved sharing his food with her. Even after bedtime.


lørdag 8. april 2017

CSI Case File No. 227

Loved the colours on this case file, and made two layouts:-)

Title: Please!
Evidence: Animals, flower, triangles, circular elements
Testimony: Journal about pets

Unfortunately because of allergy we can not have a furry pet. But every time we visit my sister, my daughter grabs the opportunity to cuddle the house cat Luna. 

Title: I want to stand behind you when she comes out
 Evidence: flowers, circular elements, watercolour, animal, metal, frames
Testimony: Put your story in a frame

Some years ago we went to visit the Norwegian royal castle. My three year old was sure she would meet the royal family, and as we were approaching the entrance, she said anxiously: "I want to stand behind you when she comes out." I asked her who she meant, and she answered: "The queen." She was so sweet and serious, and I had to break it gently to her that maybe the queen was busy today and  not able to meet us. 

lørdag 4. mars 2017

CSI Case File No. 225

Den 1. i kvar månad er det flott skisseutfordring hos CSI. 
Eg held på med siste innspurt i å få ferdig dottera vår sine album, og berre måtte ha med denne historia. Litt makaber, men eg vel å sjå humoren i den;-) 
Lås inn salmiakkflaskene dykkar, folkens!

The first of each month CSI has a great challenge including a sketch.
I am trying to finish my daughter´s photo albums before her confirmation in May, and just had to include this story: 

When my daughter was little, I warned her about the detergents in the kitchen cupboard. One day she answered the door, I heard her say on top of her voice: I know how we can become angels! Come and see! We just drink this!! 
No need to say those bottles were soon locked away in a safe place!