lørdag 18. februar 2017

CSI Case File No. 224: Villsauposen

Loved the colors on this case file from CSI:-)
My page tells the story of a baby sleeping bag made of sheepskin from Norwegian wild sheep. It´s really warm og and cosy, and was given to my first child in year 2000 by my parents. Later it was handed down to my second child, then my three nephews and last year my niece. A very useful gift to our children from their grandparents.

Evidence: clouds, die cuts, triangles, people icons, the alphabet as a design element
Testimony: Choose an item in the Scene as a jumping off point

You find CSI challenge blog here.

onsdag 1. februar 2017

CSI Major Case File No. 223: Sweet lunch

A fun, new case file is launched at CSI today. Pop over and have a look at all the gorgeous inspiration from the design team and guest designers:-)

This is how I solved the case.
Evidence: stripes, trees, food, sth curly/loopy
Testimony: Journal about a meal (, if you can call this a meal?)

Some years ago we went to Madam Tussaud, and suddenly I discovered that my husband had bought marshmallow sticks with chocolate on top for the kids. Oh my! The sticky mess! Why on earth would they sell something like that in a wax museum?!
It all went well, though, and the kids reeeeaaallly enjoyed it;-) 

søndag 22. januar 2017

Project Life Norway Challenge January

Inspired by the colors and the snow on these photos, I made a project life page which is about a great day in the mountains May 2015. 

søndag 15. januar 2017

CSI Case File No. 222: Ice Skating

Evidence to solve the CSI case file this time: chevrons, stars, jewels, decorative border, stamps and people icons

Testimony: Document something about winter

A wintery scene from the ice rink some years ago. We skate so seldom it´s like learning it all over again each time we go. Usually the rink on our island is prepared for the Christmas holidays, and unless it´s raining, we go at least once. We tear the kids (and adults) away from the screens, and although there are protests in the beginning, they (we) are very happy on the ice. Last year we practiced skating backwards, and even remembered how to do it this year. Great fun:-)

torsdag 1. desember 2016

Major Case File No. 219: Christmas Morning

Imagine the feeling of getting up early on Christmas morning when you were a child. The excitement and the joy when you open up the presents and get the exact thing you wished for. This year my little santas were overjoyed by a box of Lego and a Barbie dvd:-)

Here is my take on the Major Case File No. 219 on the CSI blog challenge. Perfect colors for a Christmas layout:-)

onsdag 16. november 2016

CSI Case File No. 218

Every 1.st and 15.th of each month a new case file is presented on CSI´s web challenge page. Deadline for both case files is the last day of the month. 
This case file has lovely colors connected to the outdoors. I chose to tell the story of my daughter learning how to ride a bike.

My evidence: Dots, bicycle, glasses, animal, weather elements, hearts, speech bubbles, leaves and cards.
My testimony: Document something about the outdoors.

mandag 14. november 2016

Project Life i Norge - November

Inspirert av fargane og bilen i det stemningsfulle biletet frå Project Life i Norge, har eg laga denne sida. 
Den inneheld to historier frå 2006, der den første fortel om kor vanskeleg det er å visa "tommel opp," og kor mange år det kan ta før ein får det til. 
Den andre halvdelen av sida handlar om å ta seg ein tur på eiga hand utanfor barnehagens portar.
Desse historiene var også grunnen til sommargåva frå slekt på austlandet. Kvar si t-skjorte med tekst på ryggen og den karakteristiske fingeren på brystet:-)

Inspired by the colors and the car in this picture from Project Life in Norway, I made this PL page. There are two stories told here. One is about how difficult it is to show "thumbs up". You think you do it correctly in every photo, but in fact you are only waving your index finger for years. The other story is about running away from kindergarten.